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The latest Twitter chat, #PolycomChat, brought together Polycom’s Michael Frendo, Marco Landi and a technology blogger. Having Polycom’s executive vice president of worldwide engineering and EMEA president together in the same virtual meeting room with Christopher Neto sparked a very interesting conversation. 


Finding the right solution for the workplace of the future

To help users find the right UC technology for the workplace of the future, our panel advises to focus on the level of flexibility, interoperability and ease-of-use of the solution. Having an easy-to-use solution means winning half of the battle when it comes to delivering a good user experience. 




The rise of the huddle spaces                                       

Flexible or remote working has become very popular over the past decade or so, and people are increasingly looking for jobs that offer a better work/ life balance. As a result more and more companies are introducing hot desks and opting for open plan offices. This is leading to the rise of small huddle spaces where these flexible workers can attend the meetings from when in the office. 




To BYOD or not

Whether companies are looking to implement BYOD or not, having an enterprise-grade solution not only caters to the IT security issues but also ensures that user experience is good. BYOD capabilities should not restrict the employees to certain devices only, and therefore interoperability with all industry systems and devices should be one of the key elements to look out for.




Is it all in the cloud?

Yes, we are moving towards cloud and it is powerful enough to bring new technologies to people faster than ever. Cloud-based systems allow greater level of flexibility and scalability compared to the on-premise systems. As the adoption grows, we will start seeing the full potential of this technology.





3D is the new hot favourite tech when it comes to motion pictures. The industry is slowly moving towards it and we believe that the vertical industries will be the biggest beneficiaries of 3D video collaboration technology. For example, the quality and speed of medical consultations can improve with such solutions.  






N.B.: The findings listed above were identified during the #PolycomChat session on 15 September 2015.


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