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In celebration of Polycom’s 25th anniversary, we’re spending the next several months taking a walk down memory lane and celebrating part of what makes Polycom great—our employees! This week we are spotlighting Sales Project Manager Tricia Allen, who celebrated her 20th anniversary with Polycom in April.  


How long have you worked for Polycom?                                                                 90.JPG

TRICIA: I celebrated my 20-year anniversary in April.  

What has kept you at Polycom all these years? 
TRICIA: I think employees that own their job appreciate why they are doing it. I was told the difference between owning a job and buy-in is understanding the difference between how to do the job and why the job exists.  I own my job.  I am very proud of my contributions over the years.  

What is a favorite memory from your time at Polycom? 
TRICIA: My interview was memorable.  In the early days, every prospective employee met with either Mike Kourey or Brian Hinman. I met with Mike.  He looked at my resume and said, “You have not held a job longer than two years” and I said, “Well if I like it here I will stay longer.” I liked it so I’ve stayed. At the end of the interview Mike asked me how he can test what I know. I asked if he had a desktop problem that I may be able to solve. Of course, he did. Mike had a cc:Mail button  on his Windows 3.1 toolbar that wasn’t working. In fact, it had never worked. I configured it for him and he was so happy. He came out his office immediately and told Steve to hire me.  

I also enjoyed our early days: Halloween activities and our holiday parties. The following are from Halloween 1999, 2000 and 2001.




When you think of Polycom, what stands out the most to you? 
The people.  I’ve made many priceless friendships over the years. I have grown personally and professionally from the many interactions that I have engaged in.


What advice would you give to an employee who is new to their journey with Polycom? 
TRICIA: Be true to yourself and have an attitude of gratitude. Having an attitude of gratitude is not only good for your career but your health as well. Gratitude can help to improve your decision making as it shifts your mind set; increase your productivity as it creates solutions, as well as make your work environment more enjoyable because it is contagious. Gratitude also helps you socially, health wise and mentally. Here is what the research tells us: “People who keep weekly gratitude journals exercise more often, report fewer physical symptoms, feel better about their lives and are more optimistic (Emmons & McCullough, 2008). 

I give thanks daily for getting to do what I love to do and the added bonus of getting to do it from home. I am also grateful for the opportunity that Eric Murphy gave me to lead Polycom’s training initiative in 1998. I was able to utilize both my master’s degree in instructional design and technology and my MBA

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