Polycom Employee

How long have you worked at Polycom?
10 years and two monthsCapture0.JPG


What has kept you at Polycom all these years?

PEOPLE - I’ve worked with a lot of great people at Polycom. I’ve developed by learning from our executive leaders, my managers, mentors and co-workers.


IT - Polycom IT is a great organization. The IT leadership team is quite inclusive so that we are comfortable to speak up. Different opinions are accepted and respected. Working with people around the world had greatly broadened my horizon and brought me a lot of fun.


What inspires and motivates you?

As an individual, I am mostly inspired by the opportunities available at Polycom. I can and I am realizing my career objectives through a self-development process.


As a people manager, I am motivated by the fact that I am able to positively impact people’s lives and careers.


Polycom is turning 25 this year. What are your goals in the next 25 years?

I want to see the bigger world in the next 25 years, before I become too old :)


If you could talk to yourself 25 years ago, what advice would you give?

Don’t waste time on TV and games. You can make your life, boy!


What’s your favorite Polycom memory?

I took a trip to San Jose this past April. Our CIO Scott McCool and VP of IT Karl Lovelock picked me up at the airport and took me on a half-day tour of the Bay Area.


When you think of Polycom, what stands out to you most?

COLLABORATION - Polycom technology helps people collaborate better. We deliver value to our customers through effective collaboration.


If Polycom was a person, what kind of drink would you buy them for their birthday and why?

Philz Coffee. I heard it tastes great but I haven’t tried it yet.




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