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As young children we are taught nursery rhymes and short poems to help us learn and remember things, whether it be “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall” or the colours of a rainbow “red and yellow and pink and green”.  We all loved to say these rhymes over and over again, often putting actions to the words to help us remember them and bring the words to life!  Then as we grow older we learn how to write a whole variety of styles of poems and are encouraged to write poetry, explore our creative side and analyse poems written by famous poets.  And then for the majority of us it all stops!  We switch to writing essays and dissertations for our University years and then in business to the other extreme of tweets, IM’s and emails.  But not so for our resident Polycom poet, Jonathan Clark, who recently waxed lyrically about Polycom Services, and brought services to life.


Jonathan was prompted to put fingers to keyboard and create a captivating poem about the three stages of Polycom global services - plan, deploy and operate - following a recent brainstorming meeting about the Polycom Open Days which are hosted at our London Executive Experience Centre, offering delegates the opportunity to experience powerful demonstrations of the latest solutions in group collaboration.


Planning is about discovery, discovering what it is that collaboration can do for your organization and what your users want and need, and then preparing for that change by designing the solution that’s right for you. The plan should also act as a roadmap detailing how to do it and the timelines required to make it happen. 


Deploying is not only about delivering the solution, it’s about integrating the collaboration solution into your existing workflows and process. It’s about staff embracing the new solution and experiencing the benefits of seeing, hearing and sharing content with the people that they work with, regardless of where they are based. It’s about defying distance and building rapid rapport.  It’s about ensuring that personnel are trained and comfortable using video collaboration and incorporate it as one of the tools they have in their everyday working life, adopting the use of it naturally into their day.


Operate is the final part. Once everything is up and running, your organization should know that Polycom is there to help you, ensuring that your collaboration systems work in the most efficient way, provide you with reporting and analytics so that you can demonstrate the ROI and assist you to continue to refine your solution to deliver the best experience possible for your users.


To bring these words to life, listen to Jonathan’s 90 second poem and learn about Polycom services and how they can help your organization be successful through every stage of your collaboration journey.

The on-demand webcast about Polycom's new breakthrough solutions is available for replay. Watch it now.

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