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The way we work is changing. The future of business requires collaboration tools that defy distance and time. More than ever, organizations across the globe need to create quality recordings and webcasts to support training, corporate communications, and knowledge management initiatives. However, they need to do this cost-effectively, without requiring their average employees to be experts in video production.


That’s why Polycom is making it easier than ever to use existing video conferencing systems in new ways - to reach hundreds or even thousands of viewers with live webcasts or recorded video assets. The Polycom RealPresence Media Suite is an end-to-end recording, webcasting, and portal solution, making it simple for users to create high quality videos affordably.



Key features and differentiators include: 

  • Easiest workflows and experience for end usersWe start by enabling recording and streaming from your entire video network, which includes standards-based video conferencing solutions, desktop and mobile devices.  It’s hard to predict where knowledge and expertise will come from, and leveraging familiar video endpoints is a cost-effective way to create great video assets. Average employees can create, share and stream videos like a pro – using endpoints, easy capture, and more. With new self-service workflows, anyone in the organization can record and stream videos.  Easy, browser-based capture tools turn average employees into video producers.  They can share recordings easily, and even upload content from many other sources.  They can schedule live streaming events with tools that simplify the production and delivery of a webcast. Viewing video content is just as easy, because users can access their video library anywhere, through the simplicity and convenience of a browser.
  • Tightest integration with video conferencing solutions – Record, stream and playback full motion video to a multi-party meeting  or endpoint.  Polycom RealPresence Media Suite’s tight integration with video conferencing solutions allows users to playback high-quality content into a video meeting or to a conference room, as easy as playing videos from a DVR.
  • Simplest solution for eCDN – Minimize network impact and bandwidth utilization with turn-key appliances or virtualized nodes
  • Cost-effective options for massive scale – Network-based recording for up to 100 concurrent video sessions, stream up to 50 live events and reach up to 10,000 web viewers
  • End-to-end solution – Self-service recording, easy portal experiences, transcoding, streaming, and administrative tools in an all-in-one solution, that can be deployed as hardware or software. 

Unleash the expertise in your organization. With Polycom RealPresence Media Suite, you can create a powerful, video-enabled, knowledge sharing culture and capture, share, and stream content from your entire video network.


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