Laura Owen
Polycom Employee

As part of the Polycom Foundation, we partner with Operation Smile, an organization focused on creating a world where no child— anywhere— suffers from the lack of local medical expertise. Polycom is helping to make Operation Smile’s mission a reality by donating our innovative video solutions and expertise.


Operation Smile works with local medical professionals, governments, hospitals and other NGOs to provide care to those in need of medical help. Two billion people across the globe lack access to professional medical care, and Polycom’s innovative and easy-to-use video solutions are helping to close that gap. Together, Operation Smile and Polycom are making a profound difference in the world.


This global network of professionals donates hundreds of thousands of hours towards the care of children around the world each year. Polycom along with Operation Smile’s many other supporters (including our partner Microsoft) are moved by their vision and mission every day to make a difference in the lives of these children and families.


We are also sending Polycom Director of Healthcare and Registered Nurse, Ron Emerson on a mission with Operation Smile the week of February 11. Ron, who has been a longtime supporter of Operation Smile, along with other Polycom and Microsoft video collaboration experts, will be providing technical and medical support to those at Operation Smile in Columbia. Missions like this save likes every day.


In addition to Polycom’s donation of video solutions and expertise, we are hosting a Foundation night at TEAM Polycom 2016. Attendees can donate directly to Operation Smile, but Polycom is taking it a step further. Not only are we asking attendees to donate to this life-changing cause, we are also donating $8,000 through the Polycom Foundation.   I’ll share more about that event at TEAM in my next blog!




You can help Operation Smile too. Please donate to this amazing organization and your donation will be matched by the Polycom Foundation, along with the donations from our partners in attendance at TEAM Polycom. Donate to help a child in need, today.

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