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Yesterday, Robert Nelson, a WABC news anchor, connected by video with students in Ghana to talk about the journalism business. It was organized by Oiada International, a non-profit that provides educational and cultural programs to schools around the world. 


We talk about a digital divide in this country – Americans separated socio-economically by their access to digital media – but the divide between our country and students in the West African nation of Ghana is far greater.  Polycom’s New York Executive Experience Center and Oiada, a group which connects students internationally, bridged that gap yesterday. 


Alphonzo Albright (Polycom's Global Director for Government Solutions), Oiada CEO Eric Jones, and I (Elaine Shuck) welcomed Robert Nelson, a WABC News anchor and reporter, into the Center to connect with students in Ghana.


The students first gave an overview of their country – its population, national symbols, foods, sports, and so forth – and then turned into reporters themselves by interviewing Nelson.  There were some initial “surface” questions (e.g., “What’s it like?”) and from those interactions a stronger bond developed.  The questions shifted to a more personal mode asking about preparation and advice for students interested in a career like his.   When asked about the journalist’s biggest challenges, you could sense the personal engagement on both sides and the distance between Accra and New York was gone.


This was another great opportunity for our Industry Team to collaborate on a project and demonstrate how, in this case, Government and Education, work together to to tell our UC story.


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