In early October, Polycom hosted the largest solutions launch event in our company’s rich 25 years of business. The event also kick started our 25th anniversary celebration.


First, I would like to thank everyone who made the launch event and anniversary celebration possible; all the Polycom employees who planned for months, and of course our engineering teams worldwide. It was a day made tangible by your hard work, your creativity and your dedication. Every team and every product and every site played a role. Thank you. And, to our loyal customers and partners who took part in the event and to everyone who joined us for the live webcast, we appreciate your participation. In case you missed it, the webcast is available on demand.


Being engaged in a solutions launch of this scope and magnitude, I thought it might be good to share a few of my own observations. It starts with preparation and planning. The 53 minutes of webcast are preceded and delivered through countless hours of preparation. This was the result of the engagement of a broad range of employees from code writers, to hardware developers, to quality assurance teams, to program managers, to mechanical folks, to demo planners; all brought together through a herculean effort by those in marketing, solutions management, systems engineering, the office of the CTO, engineering and more. Script after script, rehearsal after rehearsal, continuous refinement and an unwillingness to settle all led to a great event.


The summary given at the launch warrants repeating: We couldn’t be more excited with all of this innovation. Our teams have really been working hard to deliver the solutions our customers are asking for. 


Each and every product showed innovation and ingenuity whether it was RealPresence Trio, RealPresence Debut, RealPresence Centro, RealPresence Medialign, Concierge or our VVX business media phones for Office 365.


  • Polycom RealPresence Trio – the first smart hub for group collaboration and a great solution for huddle rooms and smaller conference rooms, as well as a great audio solution for any size room.
  • Polycom RealPresence Debut – an elegant, all-in-one, and affordable solution that brings videoconferencing to any huddle room or smaller meetings pace
  • Polycom RealPresence Centro – a whole new paradigm for more natural, human-centered collaboration, built for the way people collaborate
  • Polycom RealPresence Medialign – the easiest way to get, deploy, and use our industry leading Group Series room solution
  • A consistent, familiar interface, regardless of which solution – even your own tablet or smartphone
  • And the only business media phones for the cloud voice offering of Office 365



The response was overwhelmingly positive as is evidenced by much of the feedback and much of what has been written about the launch.


One of my favorite comments came from Zeus Kerravala at ZK Research, “With the industry’s focus on creating new types of virtual experiences, the physical workspace has been largely ignored from an innovation standpoint.  With these introductions, Polycom is making a strong statement to the industry that it truly believes in evolving - and improving - the physical workspace to support the needs, habits and work styles of the next-generation workforce.”


It was a great week for Polycom! Thank you for being part of it.


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Michael Frendo is Polycom's Executive Vice President of Worldwide Engineering. 

The on-demand webcast about Polycom's new breakthrough solutions is available for replay. Watch it now.

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