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Here is a shout out to teachers around the world!!!


Today we celebrate  National Teacher Appreciation Week!! When we think of teachers, words like hero, mentor, coach, support, and inspiration come to mind. It’s impossible to write this without remembering the amazing educators and leaders I have had the privilege to know and work with from around the world.  


Teachers touch lives and impact their students in ways that extend far beyond the boundaries of the classroom. My job allows me to work alongside some of the most amazing teachers in education today. I get to see first-hand “champion teachers” integrating exciting technologies into what we now call “The Classroom of the Future”.   


The art of education has changed so much since I was a student. Trend-setting educators are finding cool technologies and innovative ways to use them. Today’s learning spaces provide faculty and students the luxury of using any device, and multiple modalities for delivering and accessing content from nearly anywhere on the planet, whether remote and rural or urban and populated, innovative educators are using technology to tip the scales in favor of enriching the process.


I want to send a special shout out to the teachers who’ve participated in virtual field trips and have had a lifelong impact on their students; and to the teachers from Alaska’s remote, Kenai Peninsula who are using technology to prepare students for the Next Generation Workplace.  These educators have made a difference in my life as they tirelessly work to make a difference in the lives of their students. 


Shout out the teacher(s) who holds a special place in your heart.


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