Bob Knauf
Polycom Employee


Every documentary or film you see at Sundance makes you feel something, from sheer terror to disgust to happiness to sadness.  After each screening, select members of the crew and cast answer questions from the audience to continue the film experience.  Polycom assures that even though an important participant may not be able to be local to the festival, they can still join the Q&A session over video.  With superior audio and video quality and the ease of integration into the A/V equipment makes Polycom the right solution for these.


We took part in Cries from Syria, The Incredible Jessica James and Rumble:  The Indians Who Rocked The World.  In all cases Polycom Web Suite was used by far end participants.  Users joined from Syria, Japan and New York.  



In addition to bringing in remote participants, Polycom Media Suite was used to record over 20 Q&A sessions locally.  These recordings are important because so many fun and interesting bits of information about the filmingexperience are shared with the audience.  By archiving the recordings, this great information can be shared with an extended audience.




So for me and Sundance 2017, it's a wrap.  As always, the tech crew at Sundance and at Boston Light and Sound are amazing and a joy to work with.  I look forward to 2018 and to many more festivals around the world where Polycom solutions can be used to add to the spirit of the independent filmmaker!





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