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This blog is posted on behalf of Software Engineer Satya Irukulla, Software Developer Engineer Sravanthi Mullapudi and Software Engineer Swapnesh Wagh.


It has been over a year since we joined Polycom’s India Innovation Center. We were hired through campus job fairs at Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (IITH) & International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad (IIITH), two top-tier universities in India.


We took the challenge of working on Polycom’s first in class video solutions and contributed several innovations to the Polycom® RealPresence Group Series™ solution. As we have completed our first year, we want to share our experiences and lessons learned at Polycom.


Meet the Team:

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Mullapudi Chaitanya Sravanthi

Education: Graduated from IIITH

Hobbies: Travelling, singing and playing table tennis

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Swapnesh Wagh

Education: B. Tech in Electrical Engineering from IITH

Hobbies: Reading, watching movies and playing table tennis

 3 campus v.PNG

Venkata SatyaNarayana Gupta Irukulla (Satya Irukulla)

Education: B. Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from IITH

Hobbies: Reading books, badminton and table tennis


Expectation vs. Reality: Before joining Polycom, we had different perceptions of what being a software developer meant based on feedback from our friends and classmates. We thought we would be working in an office that looks like a five-star hotel, filled with people immersed in their code, occasionally looking up and sipping coffee. All in all, our initial expectations were that we were joining a stereotypical software company. We were wrong.


The major difference between our expectations and reality were the people and workload at Polycom. We assumed that we would be forced to work day and night—being new graduates. But our decisions actually mattered, we were constantly motivated and treated like employees who could make a difference, despite being new to the company and young in our careers.


Fun & Work: In the words of Dr. Bruce Banner, “That’s the secret—I’m always angry.”


We had a secret, too. We were always having fun.


IMG_4012.jpgFrom coding at 7 p.m. to playing ping pong at noon, from team meetings to team outings, and early breakfasts to late night pizzas with the team. We were ready and raring to go! This environment made us feel like we never left college, but were finally making an impact.


Naturally, not every day is filled with sunshine and roses. There were crucial times where we needed to put pressure on ourselves to get the job done. But the workload never bothered us, and for that we would like to thank our Polycom friends.


Technology, Passion and the Future of Work: Technologies like Polycom Acoustic Fence, Polycom EagleEye Director, and content sharing with Polycom RealPresence Centro may not sound like exciting innovations to most, but the experience of seeing these solutions in action within the workplace, making a team’s life easier during their day-to-day, makes us feel like super heroes and innovators.


Now we tell students at our alma maters, IITH and IIITH, that although the basic concepts of coding and knowledge of operating systems and networking is necessary, that alone will not make you a sure candidate for the job. Polycom searches for candidates who are curious to learn new technologies and can easily adapt to change.


If innovation is a driving point for you, if you love to solve real life puzzles and problems, and if you have the zeal to provide solutions to the world by enhancing collaboration techniques, then Polycom is the place for you!


We would like to mention that Polycom is our first step into the real world. The work, the challenges, the team and the environment are extraordinary. Choosing Polycom is one of the best decisions we have ever made.

Thank you, Polycom, for this great opportunity.


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The on-demand webcast about Polycom's new breakthrough solutions is available for replay. Watch it now.

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