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I love what I do. I collaborate each day in multiple different ways - from phone to video - and maybe an occasional abundance of email here and there. Part of my job is to talk and, as my wife says, I own "the gift of gab."


I'm going to share a personal story with you in hopes you can understand why HD voice is so important.


Prior to getting hired by Polycom - something I'm quite grateful for - I was a public relations professional working in the agency world. My life was very similar. I would be on the phones from morning to late afternoon speaking with reporters, colleagues and clients. I was a young professional and full of energy. Over the last few years, I've noticed my left ear was having a tougher time picking up certain words and sounds. I labeled my audio shortcoming to a simple cold. But when the cold went away and the hearing loss persisted, I grew nervous. After being checked out by several doctors, it was determined that at 34 years old, I was suffering from moderate hearing loss.


I made it a big joke with my colleagues because, as I told them, "if you can't laugh at yourself, the world ain't worth living." But as I progressed in my career, I grew frustrated at the failure to pick up accents, tones, and words. I'd miss certain things and had to ask people to repeat them. I had a decent headset, but it didn't work. Nothing did. I finally resorted to speaker phones so both ears could capture what was being said.


It got to the point where I contemplated a hearing aid for phone calls. And suddenly, I felt like I was broken down.


Shortly before making that decision, I was hired by Polycom and experienced HD voice over a headset for the first time. The call was with our IT department (to get a network password of all things). As the call began, I noticed an incredible clarity in his voice. I tried my left year to see if it was reflected in both - and it was! I've never been so happy to hear the words "well, you're all set up. Sorry about the wait, Andy."


Over video, I've experienced the same thing. I know I'm not alone and there are others who have had a loss of hearing. For those people - like me - HD voice is incredibly important. I can now do my job effectively and not feel embarressed about my hd.jpg


I think now, everyday I walk in the office, how integral HD voice is. Think of surgeons who are speaking with specialists 1,500 miles away on a specific operation. Think of students in remote locations learning about another part of the world over an HD voice and video solution - and understanding clearly what is being said.


My personal story isn't all that fantastic. Just another person who probably listened to music too loudly when he was a kid. But if HD voice can impact me this much, just imagine what it can do for others.

The on-demand webcast about Polycom's new breakthrough solutions is available for replay. Watch it now.

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