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Security is top of mind for NATO but this doesn’t slow down the usage of technology by their member states and employees. Workforce empowerment is a priority as the organisation’s purpose is critical for maintaining world peace and defending the security of 28 nations in North America and Europe. This is why every little detail of the technology in use is under scrutiny and NATO has their hands full as they are at the forefront of promptly implementing new ways of working through Unified Communications technology.


  • How secure should a secure technology be for NATO?
  • How exactly is NATO making the new ways of working work for their employees?
  • Can you enjoy flexible, remote and anywhere working while working in the defence industry?

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The new ways of working at NATO allows employees to work from anywhere securely and seamlessly. Visual workforce collaboration is one of the key tactics as decisions are made faster, ideas are shared promptly and knowledge is cross-pollinated across the team quickly on video that employees can join from the location they are working on that day. The resulting benefits range from extended training reach to empowered employees and time and cost savings.





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