medium.jpgI can’t remember the last time I booked a vacation without first heading to TripAdvisor to check out what others like me experienced at that hotel or resort. Same goes for Yelp when I’m dining out or hiring someone to help with my landscaping. They’re a kind of Sherpa for me, guiding me into unknown territory and preventing me from slipping off the edge.


I’m not the only one who responds to the experiences of fellow customers. Nine out of 10 consumers say their buying decisions are influenced by customer reviews. We live in a world that is constantly subjected to inspection, with sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor giving buyers far more say than ever. Their voices are being heard – and, more importantly, prospective customers tend to put greater stock in those voices than in the ads, emails, or other content they see about a company’s products or services.


As someone whose job is to give Polycom customers a megaphone for telling their own stories, I couldn’t be happier about all this.  Think about it: If people see value in knowing customer experiences with a business before shelling out $30 for dinner, imagine the significance of hearing a customer’s story when an entire enterprise deployment is on the line. This is why I find my job so exciting.


In a sense, I’m here to act as a Sherpa of sorts for organizations looking to deploy collaborative solutions. Are you a manufacturer? Learn how Lexus is helping its dealerships sell more cars. Emergency services agency? Be sure to check out how Lincoln Fire and Rescue is saving lives by shaving its response times. School or university? Explore the story of the Smithsonian Institution’s program to bring its amazing African art collection to students everywhere. The list goes on and on, and all the stories can be found at Polycom Customer Stories.


I may not look much like a Sherpa (I don’t even own a parka). But if you’re on the path to understanding how Polycom solutions can change the way you work, the dozens of customer stories we’ve prepared should go a long way toward helping you figure out where to go next.

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