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It had been over three months since I worked from a Polycom office, the last time was in London in August. Polycom’s Mexico office happened to be a 10 minute commute from my apartment which made going into the office convenient and affordable. I worked from the office at least once a week, a rather nice break from coffee shops and co-working spaces.


Polycom’s Work Culture.

Despite the fun I’ve had on my journey to date, I was a bit disappointed to not attend the Virginia Office’s annual holiday party. However, I was fortunate enough to have been invited to Mexico’s holiday party. I was excited and nervous because I only knew a few colleagues in the office. In the end, I was introduced to everyone and felt at home. We went around the table saying what we were thankful for, and I was very proud of myself for being able to articulate my thoughts to everyone in Spanish. Seeing how much everyone cares and support each other was amazing and I was overwhelmed and thankful with how they greeted me with open arms.

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Words cannot full describe how touched I was by all the love I received from the Mexico office. Not only did I feel at home, but part of their family. They always tried their best to include me in their office activity and luncheons. Being a digital nomad is a great experience but being part of an office is a completely different – and rewarding experience. The Mexico team is relatively small but with a lot of heart and passion. I want to thank Cristina Corona, Jesus Sanchez and Luis Torres for showing me the office and Mexico City.  


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Volunteering During the Holidays.

This holiday was the first I’d spent away from my family and felt it would be best to give back to the community. I was able to volunteer at Fundación Parlas, I.A.P. on Christmas Eve, the charity helps mentally disable individuals from various ages.  Then on Christmas day I volunteered at Fundación Renacimiento an orphanage for kids. Both events we brought gifts, snacks, piñatas and game to make it interactive and fun. Giving back to the community is something I strive to do in each of the cities, I live in during my Remote Year experience.


Returning Home.

After almost seven months of being away from home, I finally returned to Virginia to visit my loved ones. Being away from my family and friends is tough but seeing everyone was what I needed in order to complete the rest of my journey. Follow me on my next leg as I head to Bogota, Colombia.

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