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In case you missed it, today we announced the appointment of Scott McCool as Polycom’s new Chief Information Officer. Scott brings a deep and diverse background in IT management to his new role, and puts Polycom’s customers and their business challenges at the top of his list of priorities.  


He also gets to lead what is arguably the global A-Team of collaboration technology experts. Scott has a great comment on his new role:


“Polycom’s global team of IT professionals is comprised of the industry’s leading collaboration experts.  They are passionate about developing new and innovative ways to leverage video, voice and content collaboration solutions, alongside our other IT investments and business processes, to make Polycom more competitive in the market, more efficiently operated, and a more engaging place to work. It is a thrill to have the opportunity to lead that team and to help deliver that expertise and experience to our customers as they seek to build their own collaborative environments.”


Polycom is one of the world’s biggest “power users” of video, voice and content sharing technologies for collaboration, and our IT team is made up of the world’s foremost authorities on the implementation, utilization and adoption of those innovations, and every Polycom employee benefits from their expertise, every day.


If you like reading press releases, click here to read the formal announcement.


Click here to read Scott’s bio.


Do you have any questions or suggestions for Scott? Post them in the comments section below and I will let him know.

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