I am proud to be one of the many people supporting the Polycom philanthropic initiatives. Our solutions are beneficial to so many and it’s incredibly rewarding to work with the organizations investing time and energy to better our world.

Back in October, my friend and colleague Ray McGroarty based out of our Slough office asked for help with a request for support from a great organization called Lumos. I was more than happy to do so.

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Lumos is an international non-governmental charity organization founded by J.K. Rowling, author of Harry Potter, dedicated to helping disadvantaged children living in institutions or orphanages around the world regain their right to a family life. The vast majority of them are NOT orphans but are separated from their families through poverty, disaster and crisis, disability and ethnicity.


Lumos came to us with a simple problem: members of their board needed to attend a meeting in New York and their agendas did not allow them to leave London. They needed a little magic to defy distance and time, and who better than Polycom to help them do that?


Thanks to the Polycom Immersive studio, the board members of Lumos were able to all be in the same room virtually. 8 members came to Polycom’s New York office, while 6 came to the London Executive Experience Center (EEC). 


Lumos said: “Polycom kindly provided their RealPresence Immersive Studio for an important transatlantic meeting. Board members could not all be physically in the same place so the technical support we received before and during the meeting was invaluable. The technology allowed us to conduct a productive meeting.”limos.png

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This is what we do at Polycom. We make it possible to connect to meetings securely, anywhere in the world, at any time, through any device. The Polycom Foundation is proud to have been able to support Lumos by giving them access to our solutions, and enabling the meeting to take place. Ray and I look forward to having the opportunity to continue to support them, and other great charities making a difference… one video conference at a time.





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