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Would You Like a Crystal Ball into your Collaboration Environment?


I’m sure most of us have heard the old adage that you can’t manage what you don’t measure. That statement is probably as true today related to the adoption and utilization of technology solutions as it was when it was originally coined decades ago.


scor-realaccess-com.jpgThe challenge of measuring utilization and tracking adoption has been particularly problematic for video collaboration solutions as our industry has historically generated plenty of data in the form of Call Detail Reports (CDRs) from endpoints and infrastructure devices. However, taking those reams of data and extracting meaningful analytics on utilization, trends and performance metrics that can be used to drive data-based decisions and reporting out on them has been sorely lacking.


That may be why longtime Polycom customer SCOR refers to the new RealAccess Services Delivery Platform as a “crystal ball” that gives them current data about every one of their endpoints even though they are deployed across multiple continents.


SCOR’s 2,500+ employees are daily users of video conferencing. They connect with one another around the globe, which translates into a significant number of endpoints to track. Polycom’s RealAccess service delivery platform could not have come along at a better time for SCOR’s Global IT Building Manager, Laurent Chartier. Using RealAccess, he is now able to maintain an optimal level of service for his company’s employees and make informed decisions about future investments.


How is SCOR using RealAccess to gain a quicker return on its collaboration investment?


RealAccess allows SCOR to see which endpoints are being utilized and which endpoints are not. And in just a few clicks, Chartier can view details on endpoint utilization, call performance and bridge capacity. He also sees the versions of software currently running on individual endpoints and gets recommendations on what version should be running to keep systems available and reliable. Combined, the data available through RealAccess can be used to make data-driven decisions about whether to expand bridge capacity, add additional meeting rooms, or simply upgrade endpoint software. Sweetening the deal a bit more, RealAccess can be configured to detect errors and send alerts directly to the team, ultimately equating to less network downtime and smoother operations.


Chartier described RealAccess best when he said, “Our work force is extremely demanding when it comes to their collaboration tools. The solution needs to work perfectly each and every time. RealAccess helps me and my team gain insight into all our video assets and ensure all are working smoothly everywhere.”


How can your organization gain quicker ROI?


Whether your organization has 50 endpoints or 5000, the insights from RealAccess may simply be the best way to both maximize and enhance your UC investment in this constantly evolving world of technology. Request a demo today.

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