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In this new realm of the Workplace of the Future, the thoughtful integration of technology and space to create a physical (and virtual) environment requires the expertise of these two teams. It is a marked departure from existing practices where space planning guidelines and technology “bill of material” templates are simply adopted. Therefore, it is very natural for IT and facilities teams to find themselves in unchartered territory.


Polycom, together with our technology partner Steelcase, have jointly organized workshops and events to address the growing need for expertise around designing, implementing and maintaining collaborative workspace solutions. Targeted at facilities management and real estate (FMRE) professionals as well as IT personnel, these workshops aim to stimulate interest and develop working knowledge of technology solutions within the FMRE community; including consultants, designers, architects and likewise, a working knowledge of facilities solutions and processes, amongst the IT crowd.



FMRE & IT communities attending the joint workshop on collaborative workspaces, held at the Steelcase Tokyo WorkLife Centre.


The events are often held as “lunch & learn” workshops at either Steelcase or Polycom offices and there have also been real-world learnings shared by the participant network. Attendees also have the opportunity to experience the latest innovations for the collaborative workspace while they are on-site.  These solutions meld both technology and furniture products from Polycom and Steelcase, to demonstrate how natural, impactful collaboration can be achieved by workers of an organization, regardless of where they may be located.


Collab Huddle Room1.jpg
Collaborative Huddle Room Solution

Polycom RealPresence Group Series 500 & EagleEye Director camera, integrated with Steelcase Media:scape Large D



Video-enabling the Desktop with Video Phones

Polycom VVX 1500 & VVX 600 Business Media Phones, with the Steelcase Manifesto High bench



Open Collaboration Solution

Polycom RealPresence Group Series 700 & EagleEye Director camera, integrated with Steelcase Media:scape Lounge


In an operating environment that is increasingly competitive; great collaboration, innovation and increased connectedness are key to unlocking the full potential of employees in the business. When FMRE and IT teams can effectively cooperate because they share knowledge on the design, implementation and maintaining of collaborative workspaces, organizations win.


To find out about workshops in your region, please reach out to industry.solutions@polycom.com


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