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Have you ever walked into a video conference room and wondered why you couldn’t use your phone to control things? After all, your smartphone lets you flip through all 127 channels on your home television, keep your plants watered, walk into your house at the perfect temperature or even start brewing your pot of coffee in the morning.  Shouldn’t it be able to control your office experience too?


We heard you loud and clear and are introducing Polycom Concierge


Now, you can walk into a conference room, easily pair your smartphone to a RealPresence Group Series system and with one tap, the room is brought into the meeting on your calendar.  Control is at your fingertips with the ability to mute or adjust the room volume straight from your smartphone.  There is also the ability to mute other people who may have forgotten to mute themselves while they order a grande extra hot three shot double pump caramel macchiato.  Just don’t take advantage of this and mute your boss if the meeting goes past the scheduled hour. 


We’ve also eliminated the need to play the “pass the cable” game in the conference room to share your ideas visually.  With Polycom Concierge, you can pair your laptop to share presentations, documents or other applications.  Better yet, you can see everything that is being shared up close on your laptop so you don’t miss a beat during the meeting. 


Polycom Concierge is one of the many benefits of our RealPresence Clariti solution.  To learn more about Polycom Concierge click here or visit us at InfoComm for a live demonstration at booth N2013.

The on-demand webcast about Polycom's new breakthrough solutions is available for replay. Watch it now.

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