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The way you think about conference phones will never be the same...


I remember when I was introduced to the first mobile phone. It was a bag phone.  It was the size of a shoe box and had to be installed by a professional with a cable running from the trunk to the phone. It was mind blowing at the time. I remember thinking to myself: “I can call in a pizza while I’m out and it will be ready when I get to the shop?! This is the best thing ever!”


And the technology just continued to get better. With each new advancement I recall my reaction.

“Wait, you mean, I can put a flip phone the size of a brick right in my pocketbook and take it with me without wires? THIS is the best thing ever.  What will they think of next?”


Fast forward to just a few years ago when the first smartphones were introduced to the market. We gained the ability to type on our phones, check e-mail, and browse the web. It was addictive and, yes, I said it: “This is the best thing ever!”


But, wait. Hold the phone! 


I thought I already had a smartphone? What’s this new one all about? This interface is really cool.  It’s fast. Tap and Swipe. Voice recognition. Video calling.  This is unbelievable. I don’t think I can live without this. It’s my lifeline.  Now this, is the best thing EVER.


There are so many examples of how technology has evolved and influenced the way we interact on a personal level, but then I got to thinking about how it has evolved in the workplace.


Here at Polycom, we think a lot about how technology is evolving . And, as you may have seen in the news and on our blogs, we’ve got a lot to say about how audio, video and content sharing solutions fit into the Workplace of the Future. Polycom has been the innovation leader here, no question. 


Today, we’re proud to announce that we have evolved yet again. Meet, Polycom RealPresence Trio


Trio with screen angled bottom right.jpg

Being in marketing, I get to play with our latest and greatest audio innovations early on. As I began to learn about the functions and features our brilliant engineers had designed for RealPresence Trio, I heard myself saying the same things I’ve said in the past - things I haven’t said about a conference phone in a long time. Things like:


I can actually install this myself -- and I work from home in New Hampshire. I plugged in the PoE cable and it came to life! (Note: IT did set up an account for it on our Microsoft Lync 2013 server.)  Wait, What?  Microsoft Lync and Skype for Business?  Are you telling me I can use soft-clients with this phone?  This is awesome. But, wait, Trio is way more than a phone because it's much smarter than a phone. 


Trio Visual with People - small.pngI can enjoy audio (yes, the unmatched greatness of Polycom's legendary room-filling audio!) AND share my latest customer presentation with my manager in Colorado AND I can see the look on his face as he marvels at my brilliance! But wait…there is more.  I can add my RealPresence Trio as a participant in my meeting invitations, so when it’s time for the meeting I….wait for it…..touch ONE button and presto! The call is launched. No more being late for meetings fumbling trying to find the call information. Other fantastic features:

  • Simple to use the color touch screen UI; it’s intuitive and feels familiar
  • Bluetooth pairing for use with a personal device or laptop
  • Intelligent detection of non-speech sound, which mutes distracting background noise
  • Affordable, HD videoconferencing 

When it comes to group collaboration; RealPresence Trio is the BEST THING EVER! 

And I say “thing” on purpose, because it doesn’t fit the mold of just another conference phone. Why not? RealPresence Trio is the first smart hub for group collaboration.  I can hear voice inflections, I can share ideas visually and I can see the reactions on the faces of the meeting participants. 


Technology evolves. The way we work evolves. Are you evolving with it?


To learn more about RealPresence Trio:

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