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Workplace of the future. This is a hot topic. We are focused on three main tenants when it comes to how we talk about the workplace of the future: experience, workspace and workflow. We built this framework so it’s simple, yet addresses the main components of what we see as the future workplace. 


    • We start with experience. Experience is so critical for everyone involved. For an end-user using a technology in some sort of collaboration session—a meeting, a doctor appointment, a classroom—the experience is critical. Experience is also one of those elements that Polycom has been focused on ever since we started the company 25 years ago. We have the best audio in the marketplace, and we certainly have a number of key innovations in video and content that helps differentiate and provide the experience that people really need. There are a lot of annoyances that people just deal with, like background noise in a conference call. People get somewhat numb to it and they just deal with it because they don’t think there’s an easy solution. This is the opportunity for us to go out and really promote a lot of the key innovations that provide incredible experience without all those “numbing nuances” that happen throughout a meeting. But it’s not just about the end-user, it’s also about the administrator. We want to make their lives easy as well. They have to understand how the systems are being used: what are the metrics; what are the stats? Do you have good quality uptime? How much of the system is being utilized? So we’re really looking at that experience on both sides, the end-user and the administrator.


    • Moving on to the workspace side, it’s very coupled with experience. The workspace you’re in and the experience you expect are linked. We want to make sure Polycom is providing a broad set of capabilities to support any place people work. It could be an open office space, a conference room, home office or even a busy airport. We want to provide that great experience regardless of location. We also want to provide breadth of coverage for the different types of devices people may use, whether it’s a tablet, mobile phone, computer, dedicated endpoint or an immersive system. It’s critical we provide an optimal experience in different types of environments AND with varied devices.


    • Last but not least is workflow. We believe that over time, collaboration technology and collaboration solutions need to be integrated into business workflows to become more of a business practice. That could be anything from an HR process to a CRM system. It’s critical for us to have the opportunity and capability to integrate directly into those workflows so that we can provide a more strategic value to the customers that are actually investing in these solutions.


This quarter we announced several new solutions to put the user at the center of our collaboration experiences.


One of the big ones is Polycom EagleEye Producer. The Polycom EagleEye Producer is an industry-first camera innovation that advances facial recognition technology to create a more natural, production-like experience. It dynamically finds everyone in the discussion and automatically frames them for clear view—even when new people join or leave the room. It also collects statistics and analytics around utilization, which we can use to do a lot more with longer term. Click here to see the video about EagleEye Producer.

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In the workflow area, we are bringing together a Polycom RealPresence Video App Software Development Kit (SDK) that will help partners and systems integrators to add value on top of our capabilities. Longer term, we will continue to invest in those areas. Workflow is the future. We need to be involved in and integrate workflow. Over time the SDK needs to be very holistic. SDKs will help us integrate our video into workflow more easily, and then over time we need to think about the content component and some of the other components that also need to be integrated into that experience to have that collaboration set of capabilities within the context of the workflow.


These innovations in addition to enhancements to Polycom RealPresence Group Series, Polycom RealPresence Desktop, Polycom RealPresence Mobile and Polycom RealPresence Platform bring end users critical new capabilities to our collaboration solutions, and kicked off a series of exciting launches we have planned for throughout 2015. 


For more information, you can read the related press release here


The on-demand webcast about Polycom's new breakthrough solutions is available for replay. Watch it now.

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