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Design Clinic Image.jpgPolycom recently wrapped up a four-part design clinic webinar series providing insights and best practices from Polycom experts on current challenges, trends and business implications around workforce collaboration. If you missed the live sessions, there’s still time to view the recordings.


Read the full details below and sign up to access the recordings. You can watch them at a time that’s convenient for you. http://bit.ly/1delHH0


Webinar Series:


Part 1:  Key Success Factors for Designing Your Collaboration Environment

You wouldn't build a new home or construct a new office building without a detailed blueprint. Similarly, creating or expanding your collaboration solution to include video, voice, content or recording and streaming is best accomplished with a comprehensive and detailed plan in place. Designing the right solution for your organization from the beginning is critical to reaping all the benefits and ensuring your success.


Part 2:  Is Your Data Network Ready for Voice and Video Traffic?

Deploying high definition video or voice conferencing creates new and different challenges for the IP-network team. A successful deployment requires careful attention to the requirements of real-time traffic. A video-ready network can make the difference between great user experiences with high adoption rates or poor call experiences resulting in low utilization.


Part 3:  Video for Everyone: 7 Winning Workflow Strategies

In the early days, video conferencing was primarily a tool for a select few, the organizational elite. Today, video has moved beyond the boardroom to enter every imaginable workspace: from Telepresence studios to huddle rooms, from smartphones to desktops, and even reaching restaurants and coffee shops. Yet with the proliferation of so many new UC technologies, challenges arise when IT departments are tasked with rolling out hybrid solutions to video-enabled workforces.


Part 4:  Understanding Utilization and Driving Adoption of Your Collaboration Solution

Now that you have a powerful video- or voice-enabled collaboration solution, how do you make sure your users are adopting it? How do you ensure that it delivers on the business outcomes you expected during the planning phase? And how do you monitor utilization to ensure a high quality experience as you continue to enhance and expand? Any number of organizations have spent untold time and energy deploying a new technology only to discover that it falls short, sometimes far short, of their expectations. In the end, the success of any new solution is dependent on the individuals within the organization adopting it and incorporating it into their normal workflows and processes, and ultimately into their daily-lives and the company culture.


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