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In September 2015, in the final stage of Google’s planned deprecation of NPAPI, Chrome version 45 will permanently remove support for NPAPI, which has been the framework used by the RealPresence CloudAXIS plug-in.  At that point, the CloudAXIS plug-in will no longer work if you're using Chrome.  Since most users have Chrome's auto update feature turned on, they will be immediately affected. This article will explain the options available for those CloudAXIS users.  It’s important to note that this browser change is a result of Google’s announced phase out of NPAPI affecting all other vendor products in the market that use it, not just Polycom products.  Reference the following link from Google’s announcement for more information:  https://www.chromium.org/developers/npapi-deprecation


At Polycom we are continually enhancing our solutions to deliver the most reliable, intuitive, and highest quality experiences for you and your user community.  As such, there is a new software migration path available from RealPresence CloudAXIS to RealPresence Web Suite that addresses the Chrome issue.  


Since all previously released CloudAXIS versions will no longer operate when Chrome is updated to version 45, the recommended solution is migrating to RealPresence Web Suite.  Polycom has released RealPresence Web Suite, a new and exciting next generation web collaboration solution that uses Chrome’s new Native Client (NaCl) technology.  Customers who use CloudAXIS with Chrome will need to migrate to Real Presence Web Suite to continue using Chrome once version 45 is released.  Please note that customers using Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari browsers can continue to use CloudAXIS without interruption. These customers will not be affected by the Chrome change and can upgrade to Real Presence Web Suite, or optionally, RealPresence Web Suite Pro at their convenience. All existing CloudAXIS customers with a service contract can migrate to the base version of RealPresence Web Suite at no cost.  For more detailed information, please refer to the Chrome Support for Polycom® RealPresence® Web Suite FAQ


Customers should also be encouraged to upgrade to RealPresence Web Suite Pro and take advantage of an exceptional promotion running until December 21, 2015 in all regions.  Please refer to the offer Migrate to Polycom RealPresence Web Suite Pro.  


It is anticipated that many customers will prefer upgrading to RealPresence Web Suite on their own.  To facilitate this process, a step-by-step migration guide is available.  Please refer to the Polycom® RealPresence® CloudAXIS® Suite v1.7.0 to Polycom® RealPresence® Web Suite v2.0.0 Migration ....  Customers interested in having Polycom perform the migration should contact their Certified Partner or Polycom Sales Representative for more information about services provided by Polycom Global Services. 


In addition to providing support for the pending Chrome changes, RealPresence Web Suite Pro delivers advanced features that allow greater collaboration flexibility and creativity than ever before.  It is an innovative and powerful solution providing web collaboration to anyone, anywhere with feature rich content sharing capabilities that help bring new ideas to life while integrating easily with everyday workflows. 


Key benefits include:


  • Multi-stream content sharing – with Web Suite Pro – enabling multiple documents to be viewed simultaneously including whiteboard, blackboard, and annotation
  • Universal browser access allows users to host or join meetings, share content, and collaborate with other web, mobile, desktop, and room system participants
  • Simple click-to-connect convenience quickly brings participants into a meeting on a PC, tablet, or smartphone by clicking a URL link received in an IM, email, or calendar invitation
  • High-quality B2B collaboration and B2C video conferencing leverages the Polycom RealPresence Platform – the industry's most interoperable, scalable, and secure video infrastructure solution

Although the Chrome change is beyond the control of Polycom, we are working diligently to minimize any inconvenience it may cause our customers and partners. 

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