NOTE:  XML parameters are listed in blue bold italic text.  These parameters would be put into your XML configuration file that will be uploaded to the phone via a provisioning server or via the WebUI of the phone.  All commands are case sensitive.


What is meant by common area phone?  In the context of this blog a common area phone is a Polycom VVX located in an area such as a cafeteria, hotel/office lobby or even a security entrance phone.  It is a VVX located in an area where multiple people, whether authorized users or not, have access to the phone and the phone is not dedicated to a specific user. 

If you are in the process of deploying a phone in a common area you will most likely want to disable some of the default features, functions and physical ports on the VVX.  This article will show you how to do the following:


  1. Disable physical ports on the phone such as the USB and PC ports
  2. Disable the speakerphone hard key and speakerphone functionality
  3. Disable the Home hard key to limit access to menus such as the Settings menu
  4. Remove and/or limit soft key functions (New Call, Sign Out, etc.)
  5. Disable additional features of the VVX

Here are the settings to disable each of the above features/functions/keys:


  1. Disable physical ports:

device.set = 1

device.net.etherModePC = Disabled

device.auxPort.enable.set = 1

device.auxPort.enable = 0

feature.usbTop.power.enabled= 0

feature.usbRear.power.enabled = 0


  1. Disable the speakerphone:

up.handsfreeMode = 0


  1. Disable the Home hard key:

key.26.function.prim = null


  1. Remove default soft keys:

feature.enhancedFeatureKeys.enabled = 1

softkey.feature.basicCallmanagement.redundant = 0

softkey.feature.forward = 0

softkey.feature.simplifiedSignIn = 0

softkey.feature.mystatus = 0

softkey.feature.buddies = 0

softkey.feature.newcall = 0

softkey.feature.doNotDisturb = 0


  1. Disable additional features such as call recording, picture frames and video capability:

video.enable = 0

diags.pcap.enabled = 0

feature.callRecording.enabled = 0

feature.pictureFrame.enabled = 0

dir.local.readonly = 1


Here are some graphics that depict the before and after:




For more information about configuration options for Polycom VVX Business Media Phones, see the resources hyperlinked below.



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