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sprinkler.jpgThis past weekend, I almost had a nervous breakdown while sitting in the irrigation aisle of a big box home improvement store.  Have you ever wandered up and down that aisle? It seriously goes on for miles with a million different parts and pieces to build your own sprinkler system.  We desperately needed a sprinkler system in the back yard and knew there were two ways accomplish it: pay someone to complete it or do-it-yourself (DIY).  We’ve watched enough HGTV that of course we could easily install a measly sprinkler system, right?


On Friday night, we headed off to the store with plans of hitting Bed, Bath and Beyond if there was enough time. We started looking at all of the choices available to us: Eco-lock, PVC, flex, rotary, bubblers, and on and on. What’s the difference between PVC and Eco-lock? Which is best? Luckily, being savvy millennials we grabbed our smartphones and started researching.  Until we hit information overload.  When it appeared all hope was gone, I noticed a box on the bottom shelf.  A sprinkler system in a box.  I swear a light was shining down on it or maybe by that point I just had low blood sugar.  Either way, I quickly realized this was the solution to our problem.  No worrying about which pieces we needed because everything was included.  It was simple. 


We took the box home and of course I read the instructions since my husband is like most men and views instructions as optional. A few steps later and our in-ground irrigation system was set up to automatically water the grass on a schedule.  I get why people are shifting towards wanting all-in-one products.  No research, no stress, no fuss, just simple. 


At the office, it’s no different.  Let’s use the conference room as an example.  You know you need video.  We demanding millennials are, well, demanding it.  So, you have conference rooms all over the world that you want to upgrade with video.  You could easily pay companies to customize each room or you could DIY.  Thinking about the hours you will waste in researching products may give you a headache but just like the sprinkler system, there’s an easier way to DIY.  Polycom® RealPresence Medialign™, for example, provides everything for a successful way to install video technology into conference rooms anywhere in the world.  No need to worry about choosing the wrong display or if the camera will capture everyone in the room or if you have the right length of cables.  The experts at Polycom have packaged together everything you need, from the displays to the right size cables. 


Remember how I said you don’t have to worry about everyone being seen? Well, that’s because hands-free camera technology is standard.  What does that mean? Let’s pretend there are 3 of us in a 10 person conference room. The camera counts 3 faces and automatically zooms in to show all of us on screen.  If another person enters the room, the camera recognizes that and will automatically reframe the shot to show all 4 of us.  People on the other end don’t have to squint to figure out who is in the room.  No more presets or fiddling with the remote control because that was SO 2010.  Oh yeah, and RealPresence Medialign doesn’t need tools to install it. 


You may be thinking that it sounds too good to be true. I thought the same thing in the sprinkler aisle until I remembered one product – the laptop.  It started off as an “all-in-one” computer that included your processor, display, keyboard and speakers.  Now this “all-in-one” computer is standard except for more specialized uses.  All-in-one isn’t novel.  It’s simple.  So, what are you waiting for? Go pick up your own “video conference room in a box” and upgrade those conference rooms.

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