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Sometimes those of us who work in technology just can’t help ourselves – we love our acronyms and our buzzwords!  Let’s make magic happen and use a TLA to describe how we transform workflow!


Buzzwords become buzzwords, however, because they actually mean something.  The “buzz” comes when people start tossing them around with semi-reckless abandon and forget that they were coined for a reason.  “Workflow” is a great example.  It really does mean something. With our introduction of the Polycom RealPresence Trio, when we say it integrates with and will improve workflow – we mean it.


But I want to break that down and talk about what it really means to you.  Let’s start with the notion of a “workflow” to begin with: what does that mean?  It means that regardless of what you do, there is a process that you follow.  The workflow for making homemade cookies might start with preheating the oven, putting butter out to soften, and opening the pantry to get the flour.  The workflow for interviewing a candidate for a software developer position would include elements of scheduling, preparing, sharing a resume, evaluating coding capability through a peer coding experience, and providing a way to input and collate feedback.  Collaborative meetings have a workflow too and it starts with, well, getting the meeting started.


That particular workflow has been an area of frustration for a lot of us.  First, you check your calendar to see what the meeting is about and to get the joining instructions.  If you’ve made it that far and are in a room, then you need to dial in to connect with the participants in other locations.  That means you have to find the dial-in, then figure out how to dial or connect, enter a passcode … and so on. As you’re joining, you might encounter the nuisances of miskeying a phone number or conference ID and having to start over.  Sometimes it seems that it takes longer to join a meeting than to have the meeting itself!


Trio with screen angled bottom left.jpgThat’s where RealPresence Trio can make things easier. Whether you’re using it for content sharing and visual collaboration, or just for audio, starting a meeting is a one-touch affair. Look at the touch screen, see the calendar, touch the “join” button, and you’re in.


But this simplified workflow isn’t just limited to RealPresence Trio. Polycom’s RealPresence Group Series software has been updated to make it easier to join any meeting, whether that’s in an existing Group Series system environment, a new deployment of a Polycom RealPresence Medialign, through RealPresence Web Suite, through RealPresence Desktop, or using the new RealPresence Touch remote.


We’ve simplified and made the interface consistent and simple with common, familiar iconography. From the end user's perspective, features such as calendar integration with the video conferencing systems makes it so easy to join a meeting with just a click. Based on research and customer feedback, Polycom is tuning the collaboration experience to fit your needs so that you don't have to continually adapt to unfamiliar UI and systems. 


Natural human interface and integrated workflow!  That’s a great combination.  Now I just need an acronym for it ….


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