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The ability to communicate through the cloud is a game changer and it has created a trend called work shifting, a term used to describe the shift from working in offices at set times to working at optimal times and convenient locations.  Companies that see the benefit of offering employees the flexibility to get their work done whenever, wherever and on their device of choice, helps to meet the needs of their employees by making work shifting possible. And now the availability of cloud video services extends those benefits by making the ability to collaborate easier and more convenient than ever.


realpresence-cloud-vaas-tb-pc-sc-200x200-enus.jpg.thumb.200.200.pngPolycom’s enhanced RealPresence Cloud delivers Video-as-a-Service to qualified Polycom partners as a wholesale white labeled offer. The evolution of RealPresence Cloud speaks to the Tech DNA of Polycom’s continuous innovation and our commitment to partners. RealPresence Cloud has new features and functionality along with all the benefits of the RealPresence experience. The Polycom Powered Cloud offers WebRTC, company directory service, Outlook plug in, endpoint registration, robust analytics, easier to use portals, affordable pricing and more.


The way people work is evolving and companies are evolving as well. Workers looking for more flexibility and work-life balance are attracted to companies that are redesigning the workspace, establishing desk sharing and work from home days and investing in tools so their employees can communicate and collaborate more effectively.


All people need is an internet connection and a web cam, and with a Polycom powered cloud video service they can connect, communicate and collaborate from anywhere with anyone. 




The Polycom RealPresence Cloud can transform how we work – and that’s the real game changer. To learn more, see these additional resources:



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