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In our recent design clinic series of webinars, Senior Adoption Consultant Kevin Kovach talked about how best to measure and drive performance and utilization of your collaboration solution. During the webinar, he said one of the biggest factors in whether or not your users will adopt video is that they “must know the solution exists and is for them”.


To support this, Kevin quoted an organization where adoption was well below expectations. A short survey to find out why discovered that over 80% of employees either didn’t know video was available, or thought it was only to be used by the executive team - immediately explaining why utilization was so low.


If your video collaboration solution hasn’t been adopted as widely as you’d hoped, running a Polycom Services Adoption Campaign could be the answer. This proven ‘campaign in a box’ will help you get the word out, and can be customized with your own look and feel. To introduce why you’d want to use it, we’ve created a short video which you can watch on our YouTube channel.


Get more users on-board faster with ‘GoVideo’

The Adoption Campaign is a comprehensive marketing and communications campaign that you can use to drive awareness and internal use of your Polycom solution, by outlining the benefits of video collaboration and introducing the ‘GoVideo’ movement to your organization.


With standardized content and creative marketing assets to build your own internal campaign, there’s minimal demand on your internal communications and IT teams to get the word out. You can promote awareness and drive adoption of your conferencing solution through a complete set of materials including:


  • Banners and posters that you can put up in open areas and elevators
  • An email campaign with proven, pre-populated text talking about how video collaboration helps people and businesses
  • Holders for remotes so they don’t go ‘walkabout’ from your meeting rooms
  • An ambassador kit with further hints and tips to generate interest and excitement around video collaboration


Watch our latest Adoption Campaign video to see how Polycom can help you increase awareness and adoption of your video collaboration investment.  There are other fun videos in this series too – including one on our Adoption Portal, and another on how Utilization Reporting can take the guesswork out of important planning decisions for future growth.

The on-demand webcast about Polycom's new breakthrough solutions is available for replay. Watch it now.

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