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Polycom released the next version of  Group Series software--from version to 4.1.3.  While it doesn't sound like a major release, given all the new features, it should really be numbered version 4.2 or 5.0.  With improvements in: 

  • native Microsoft Lync 2013 interoperability
  • more robust and secure SNMP and system logging functionality
  • support for the Polycom VisualBoard application built into the Group Series 
  • major SVC functionality improvements
  • includes support for a new version of the Polycom EagleEye Director with an additional tracking mode
  • added support for recording on RealPresence Group 700 systems using output 3
  • additions to the API functionality, including the much requested <button> commands. 
  • support for EagleEye IV cameras
  • added support for BroadSoft BroadWorks DMS provisioning
  • formal support for additional browsers

and several more. However, the thing you'll notice first are user interface improvements.  The Polycom User Experience team (UX) has listened to feedback from customers and made the Group Series easier.  The web user interface really shines now.  Contrast the home page from two versions: 


Note the dial button, menus that expand have a triangle to indicate sub menus.  All the relevant device number information is above the top navigation bar.  Plus the fonts are much easier to read!  Thank you to the UX team for making small improvements that make a huge difference. 

2-26-2014 10-25-55 AM.png


For more information about all the changes see the release notes.  


Ready to upgrade?  Browse to the endpoint, click Admin Settings, General Settings, Software Update, and enjoy the new features.  If you're already on version 4.1.x, there is no upgrade key required. 


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HURRAY!!  The button command is back !! This means that "VTC-Remote" will ALSO work with the group systems now (though, you will still see the HDX image for the versions that are out there in the Android and Apple store.   


Soon, you will see an upgraded version that will detect which remote you are pairing to and switch the remote image to match.  


Also, you will soon see a version that works on Windows/Linux/Mac.    If you are interested in it, please drop me an email and I'll make it available for you to test!




Gary Miyakawa

Occasional Advisor

 We are facing video quality issue with Group series 700 in multipoint call.


Customer previously using HDX7000 and getting good quality on 384kbps bandwidth but in Group series they are getting poor video quality.


Recently we are using Group 700 version 4.2.0


Kindly suggest any solution on this.

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