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There’s certainly plenty of buzz around the topics of Big Data, Connected Products and Analytics. I hear or read about it almost daily. The challenge for most of us, of course, is sorting through that Big Data and putting it to work. Data should help guide our actions, drive better decisions and make our solutions more impactful.



For your Polycom® collaboration solutions, there are a number of sources of data to help you optimize your environment and accelerate your return on investment. Every Polycom customer is eligible to receive a complimentary annual benchmark report*. This standardized report is based on endpoint usage, and focuses on key metrics that are benchmarked against other corporations that utilize video as part of their collaboration strategy. The report measures and focuses on utilization, utilization regularity, success rate, network readiness, HD experience, and MCU utilization.


Advantage and Elite level support customers are eligible to receive benchmark reports bi-annually, as well as monthly utilization reports. Utilization reports are also based on endpoint usage and summarize the total number of calls and minutes as well as utilization statistics for each Polycom video endpoint.


Polycom RealAccess™ Analytics collects data from the RealPresence® collaboration infrastructure solution in near real-time and presents the information in easy-to-understand dashboards. Detailed data on utilization, capacity, and performance is available at any time simply by logging on to the platform. Historical data, trending, exporting, and email notifications are also available with RealAccess Analytics. You can even drill down into individual endpoints, sites and bridges.


But once you’ve got all this data, what does it actually mean? And how can you turn it into positive actions that will improve the performance of your Polycom solution, enhance the experience of your users, and drive adoption and utilization of your solution throughout the organization? There are at least 10 ways to turn your data into actionable information:


  1. Look at calls more than 5 minutes vs those less than, or equal to 5 minutes as an indicator of how comfortable people are with using your video conferencing solution
  2. Check the ratio of multipoint to point-to-point calls to see how well your people are collaborating
  3. Use average endpoint utilization and call duration to highlight how well your solution is being used
  4. Investigate your most and least utilized endpoints as priorities for change in your collaboration environment
  5. Use network flags to identify potential user experience issues
  6. Keep your software up-to-date and your bridge within capacity
  7. Identify training opportunities through utilization and utilization regularity
  8. Gauge quality of user experience through the number of HD calls and success rate
  9. Treat your results as opportunities to broaden your perspective
  10. Make the most of the resources available to you

More details on each of these ways to turn your data into actionable information are available in a new white paper from Polycom entitled, “10 Ways to Turn Your Polycom Data into Actionable Insight.”


To learn more about RealAccess, you can watch the demo videos on Asset Management, the Tutorial Library, Utilization, Performance and Capacity.


* Visit https://demo.govideo-polycom.com where you can register for a free account and upload your Call Detail Records (CDR) for file processing.

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