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I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again… technology is great but only if people use it and realize the benefits to themselves personally and in their work lives. Realizing the value of technology investments comes from three key areas.


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Every IT administrator knows that one key to driving ROI on technology deployments is higher utilization. A good first step is understanding where you are today; a benchmark report is an excellent way to get a view into the status quo. Once you have a clear view of the current situation, getting people to use your solutions is easier than you think. This webinar presents “Six steps to creating a highly collaborative video culture”.


Monitoring and Tracking


Once you understand the current state of play and take the steps to drive adoption and increase utilization, you need to monitor and track your progress. This is done through using information to optimize your deployment. For example, with unified communications you need to know how many endpoints you have, where they are located, when they are used and by whom. Are there trends you can spot? As you roll out mobile and desktop solutions, do you see an associated spike in usage of these devices? Are you seeing a shift from your large meeting rooms to personal devices? Once you spot these patterns, you can start to drill down into them to find the hidden value.


Planning for the Future


When you’ve successfully gotten more people using your solutions and you’re tracking your progress, the next step is planning for growth. Once you’ve maximized current adoption levels and optimized capacity, you can use your data analysis to map out the future.


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