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What could custom training do for the health of your business?


Since the start of the New Year, many of us will have joined a gym or signed up with a personal trainer to help us get fitter, feel better, and be more alert and switched on at work. So why not extend that thinking to the workplace? And no I don’t mean your colleagues. I’m referring to the health of your Polycom solution.


We have some great tools such as utilization and benchmarking reports and Polycom® RealAccess™ Analytics, which can help you assess usage of your Polycom solution. But are the results they’re giving you good, bad, or just OK?


Or maybe there are specific issues where you could benefit from some assistance, such as Technical Support staff preparing to go-live with a new deployment; operators or administrators wanting advice on day-to-day systems operation; or users wanting to learn how best to adapt to the benefits of a new video solution. In any of these cases, are you happy to keep on going as you are or is it time to get things into better shape? Personal training can certainly prove beneficial in such scenarios. And, there is no better time to consider this than now.


As individuals we’re all unique, and it’s the same for organizations. Depending on their size, vertical, public or private sector etc. organizations can be similar, but at the same time each has its own special ‘feel’ - whether in terms of culture, customer approach, method of manufacture etc. And so just like people signing up for a personal trainer at key times – a New Year resolution, training for a marathon, or just wanting to exercise in a more focused way - there are situations where a custom personal training package, that’s precisely tailored to your specific needs, can give you a strong return on investment and help you maintain the health of your Polycom solution.


Personal training, whether for your business or for you is very similar. The trainer can work with you to understand your needs, assess your ‘fitness levels’, and work out a realistic program for achieving the results you want. And for the training itself, they can come to you at a time that suits you best, you can invite more people to attend, and your employees can work with their own equipment and in their own environment so that what they learn becomes second nature.


Customized training with a Polycom Personal Trainer can help give your staff the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to deploy, operate, use and maintain your Polycom solution at the peak of fitness. Courses are bookable in full-day blocks: generally 1-5 days in duration depending on your needs, the days can also be divided into multiple shorter sessions, e.g. 4x2-hour courses delivered in one day.


So what are the next steps in kicking off your fitness campaign?


  1. Assess your organization’s fitness levels – are they up to scratch?
  2. Think about the levels of fitness you’d like your business to achieve.
  3. Identify who would benefit most from customized training.
  4. Contact your Polycom Representative to find out more, or email EMEA emeatraining@polycom.com, NALA training@polycom.com or APAC apactraining@polycom.com to discuss your fitness requirements and start putting a program in place today.



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