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 Look at me.jpgLook closely at this picture, what are they doing…besides playing football?  Clearly, they are communicating and judging by the eye contact it looks pretty serious!  Eye contact is fundamental to good communication, and it’s pretty clear why that is.  It begins with the fact that maintaining eye contact shows that you’re paying attention.


So, if that’s the case why don’t we do more to facilitate eye contact in a video conference?  If you work at Polycom, you collaborate via video as readily as most people do in person.  Virtually every meeting I have is done over video, it is second nature, but when I look at my home office layout I realize that it prioritizes my ability to multi-task over my ability to maintain eye contact!  Why don’t we do more to facilitate eye contact during visual collaboration?


We have and it’s called Polycom RealPresence Centro.  By putting people at the center of collaboration we've made it easy for all participants to feel included.  RealPresence Centro makes everyone collaborating feel more focused and more effective.  It facilitates participation and it does all this simply by allowing you to maintain eye contact.


RealPresence Centro makes it easy to maintain eye contact and collaborate because with the best solutions, the technology blends into the background.


What do your workspaces look like?  Are they built for conversation or multi-tasking?



Image courtesy of http://raidernationtimes.com/article.php?id=4722

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