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What’s the best advice you’ve received about turning 25? What’s the most exciting thing about turning 25?

CHRIS: Every time I get on the phone with my grandmother, I always ask her for a daily dose of advice.  She’s been through two world wars, met Einstein, and raised five kids before the age of 30. The one piece that sticks with me is, “Do what you think is right.” It bothered me how simple that was, but I then realized that’s the point. Sometimes, it’s best to not worry too much, and to just take a step back when things seem crazy. When you’re having a quarter-life crisis, just do what feels right! 


The most exciting thing about turning 25?  Finally exiting the entry level professional salary cap and realizing that hard work pays off in all forms, but mostly in the form of new skis.


JON: The best advice I’ve gotten is to pay yourself first, and start saving early and often. It’s not the most moving advice, but it’s important. I guess the most exciting thing is being able to rent a car? Twenty five is fun, but it doesn’t have a lot of perks.

LILIYA: There is only one way to learn, and that’s through action because nothing can substitute real-life experiences. When you’re 25, you are in the prime of your young life. You become mature and still believe that your goals and dreams will come true. But don’t forget to take off the rose-colored glasses and take a sober view of the world around you.


How does it feel to be the same age as the company you’re working for?

CHRIS: It makes me feel pretty young to think that people were starting at this company while I was still wearing diapers. It’s also encouraging to see the growth and prosperity in 25 years’ time. I look forward to the next 25 years and hope that I might be able to have similar growth and prosperity as Polycom.


JON: I can’t decide if it makes me feel old or Polycom seem young.


LILIYA: Preparing for the job interview in Polycom, I learned that the company was founded in the same year I was born. I just thought, “Oh, we’re growing up together.”


What is your fondest Polycom memory so far?

CHRIS: Despite only being here for a short time, I have made some great memories. Coming from someone who absolutely loves free food, I must say the free lunches and breakfasts would probably rank highest in the “fondest” memory category.  I’m hoping that I appreciate free food as much as I do now in the next 25 years.


JON: I think my fondest memory is the trivia challenges we had during lunch, but then again Westminster always has great activities that help make the work week more enjoyable, so it’s hard to pick just one.


LILIYA: The Moscow employees I meet every day are my fondest memories of Polycom. I’m happy to be working with responsive, responsible, kind and ambitious people. You spend a fair amount of your time at work, so a positive team environment is important for me.




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