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What’s the best advice you’ve received about turning 25? What’s the most exciting thing about turning 25?

JUNE: I’ve received a lot of advice about turning 25 regarding career, family and being a better person. But my mom gave me the best advice out of all. She told me to live a life full of love, and when you start feeling like life is moving too fast and it’s making you nervous, slow yourself down and be happy.


The most exciting thing about turning 25? Nothing special—reading good books or seeing good friends always makes things exciting.


LINDSAY: My mom always told me to have inner peace, and to use my wisdom to deal with work and other matters. The ways to inner peace is easy—observe your breathing to see whether it is long or short, cold or warm, then you will calm down.


How does it feel to be the same age as the company you’re working for?

JUNE: I like the coincidence. I start to feel like something is helping lead me in the right direction since I get to witness the progress Polycom has made. How does it feel to be the same age as the company you’re working for?


LINDSAY: Before I started at Polycom, I did research and noticed that Polycom and I were “born” in the same year. For some, collecting products made in the same year they were born is a hobby, so I think it’s amazing to be in a company the same age as me. I’m very happy to work at Polycom.


Where do you see yourself in the next 25 years?

JUNE: I don’t know exactly what will happen, but I really like the saying, “Reading thousands of books while traveling thousands of miles.” To be able to see and learn will help keep me motivated.


LINDSAY: I see the next 25 years as “5x5 years.” My strategy is to make plans 5 years at a time, so in the next 25 years I will have hopefully accomplished 5 sets of 5-year plans. For work, I will continue to engage in the accounting area to further my study and experience. I hope everything goes well as usual, so I can keep calm and carry on.


What is your fondest Polycom memory so far?

JUNE: I really like the sports games held by PCTC. Everybody acts young and dynamic when participating in the games.


LINDSAY: Working with my team and the times we’ve hung out after work.


Give us one fun fact about you.

JUNE: I am learning to swim and a bit afraid. My colleagues, the lifeguard and even random swimmers nearby help instruct me. I forget about my fears because of the kind assistance from everyone. I am appreciating the experience of learning a new skill.


LINDSAY: I haven’t traveled to many places, but would like to. It’s a good way to relax on holidays. I enjoy drawing even though I’m not good at it because I think it helps express perspective. I have a lot of fun from drawing. I’ve included a drawing I did in an art studio earlier this year. I’m satisfied with my skills.



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