Some companies don’t promote the use of their own products among employees, but what better use case is there? At Polycom, we really do drink our own champagne. Not a day a day goes by that I—and many of my colleagues—don’t use Polycom technology to be more productive. Oftentimes, employees even put our solutions to use in unique or remarkable ways, whether by pushing the limits of video or using our technology to make a difference in the lives of others. I plan to share some of these interesting uses of Polycom solutions right here on The View—so be sure to check back often!

To kick things off, here’s a tidbit from David Roach, Polycom’s resident security expert and a Red Cross instructor.

For David, saving lives—and teaching others to save lives—is just part of the job, and he’s able to do it more effectively using Polycom solutions. Polycom’s video collaboration tools have made it possible for David to defy distance and time to share his life saving skills in other countries and across oceans.       



“I’ve been certifying first responders in first aid, CPR, and AED for nearly five years,” shared David. “During that time I’ve been limited to providing this certification training in person. This has resulted in travel costs for the companies I’ve worked for and put a burden on the schedules of other employees. With Polycom’s video collaboration tools, I can train anyone, anywhere, anytime with a much greater level of flexibility.”

David recently provided a first aid training session to security officers in our Westminster office from our San Jose headquarters.

“During training sessions I have to provide a combination of video, text and hands-on application. The Polycom system worked flawlessly when transitioning between training videos and the instructor-led portions. I was initially concerned about the quality of the hands-on portion of the training. With the ability to zoom in, zoom out and focus in on things that were critical, I was able to properly demonstrate and communicate lifesaving techniques. The participants were able to follow along as if we were in the same room.”

At the end of class, David is required to provide a written test and a skills test to demonstrate the participants grasp of the training provided.

“I was impressed with the final test scores and how well the hands-on portion of the skills test went. All participants passed with flying colors, and I never had to leave my office.”

Polycom is now a little safer thanks to David’s life safety skills and his ability to defy distance to share them with other employees.

Have you seen an interesting use of Polycom—or any video conferencing, for that matter—technology? Share it with us!

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