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My Remote Year itinerary included two months in Colombia, in two cities, Bogota and Medellin. Both cities were very different from one another. Bogota is 8,660 ft. above sea level the highest altitude city I’ve ever set foot on. The first few days was a challenge walking and practicing yoga. By the end of the month, the altitude no longer affected me, I was hiking/running with no issues.




Medellin is called the city of eternal spring. It lived up to its name, the climate was warmer with the occasionally summer rain shower throughout the day. Some days were hotter than others which meant arriving to the co-working space drenched in sweat or being stuck at the co-working space for a few hours, until the thunderstorms passed.


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Work Environment

To my pleasant surprise, Polycom has a showroom in Bogota, which I had the pleasure to see and work from thanks to Alexander Arevalo.


I didn’t work from coffee shops as much as I did in Europe, I spent quality time in the co-working spaces. I spent my days in Work&Go in both cities. The atmosphere was great and good enough Wi-Fi to join RealPresence Desktop video calls with no network issues. Each co-working space offers, a focus room (no calls/quiet room), a couple of call rooms, formal conference rooms and main a workspace.


The more that I work from co-working spaces, I’ve learned a couple of things about myself. For example, I’ve realized that once I find a seat, I sit there for the rest of the time and won’t change seats. I am a creature of habit. When I first started Remote Year, I was shy and didn’t want to take calls in front of everyone, now I no longer book conference rooms for my calls. I don’t see the need to do so, as long as I’m in an area that does not disturb others. I also prefer working from the quiet room with no distractions. The co-working spaces make it easy to find a place that suits my work accommodations throughout the day.


What’s Next?

Overall, Colombia has so much to offer from mountains to beaches, exotic fruits and flowers the list goes on. I can’t forget the people; everyone is kind and always willing to help. I’m 75% through my journey and have learned so much about how people work in different countries. I am in Lima, Peru for the month of March then two months in Argentina, Cordoba and Buenos Aires. Afterwards, I plan to return to Virginia and continue to work from the Polycom Herndon office.  Follow me as I conclude my digital nomad journey with Remote Year.



Polycom Employee

LOVE your sense of adventure!  What a great opportunity to see, hear, smell, and taste the world.  Thanks so much for sharing your journey.  Stay safe and keep defying distance!!!

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