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We had a very busy fall semester hosting 11 Polycom Special Events. Our events provide FREE curricular-rich content to Polycom customers to enhance learning and increase student achievement. Events include connections to renowned authors, experts in the field, famous people, professional development and much more.


We had approximately 1500 participants from the following states: AK, AZ, CA, MI, MO, MT, NJ, NY, NC, ND, OH, PA, SD, SC, TX, VI, WI. And from the following countries: Alberta, CA, Ontario, CA, Costa Rica, Germany and Guatemala, Dominican Republic.


Here is a sampling of a few of these events:


In October we connected 22 sites, 501 students and 64 educators from North America and the Dominican Republic!


#1 Oct. 20 - 9 first and second grade classrooms interviewed author/illustrator, Laurie Keller, about her book, Do Unto Otters. The students had some great questions for Ms. Keller:

Which do you like better – writing or making the pictures?

Why did you pick otters for your main characters?

Where do you write and do you write everyday?










At the end of each session Ms. Keller showed the students how to draw an otter.








#2    stem.jpg







On Wednesday, Oct. 21, 8 sites of educators joined Sheryl Sotelo for her session: Powerful STEM Resources for Elementary Teachers. Mrs. Sotelo shared books, materials, and project ideas for STEM lessons. Her suggestions for saving money on purchasing these materials were appreciated by all educators.









And, our last session on Oct. 22 connected 5 classrooms of middle school students with the CIM.jpgCleveland Institute of Music for their program, La Musica de Mexico, in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. The students learned about the history of Mexican music, the instruments used, the different types of music and the rhythms used. The session ended with each classroom acting out their favorite rhythm. Fun and learning was evident!














November 5, 2015 Animal Rescue Team Series



























November is Good Nutrition Month! In celebration we connected several U.S. schools to learn the basics of proper fueling and hydration for a healthy daily routine. Students found out about carbohydrates, proteins and fats as they calculated their macronutrient needs.










Janie Mark of the Bear Claw.jpg







November 17th Mark of the Bear Claw












#7 December 3, 2015 Scrambled States or Scrambled States Talent Show




GNG SE 2.pngOn December 10, Human Rights Day, 5 high school classrooms (3 villages in Alaska, 1

in North Carolina and 1 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic) connected with Global Nomads Group to discuss and define human rights, what they meant to each class, and how they were living them in their communities. Although very diverse in geography, many of the same issues were being addressed by each community.




And last but certainly not least, The Ultimate Gift with over 200 students from ND, SD, CA, VA, PA, and MI.


Jim Stovall SE.JPGGreat event indeed!!! Sue Porter said it best “Wow! Just when I think the event can't get any better, Jim and the students go beyond expectations again! The questions are so thoughtful, and show how they have internalized the lessons in this book. And, Orange Elementary doing their 26 deeds! It must warm Jim’s heart to see how they are carrying this book into their communities.”


To read more about Jim Stovall events go to: The Ultimate Gift











Read Around the Planet is celebrating its 15-year Anniversary!

What is RAP: http://capspaceinfo.pbworks.com/w/page/98468836/RAP2016Celebration


Important Reminders:

Read Around the Planet REGISTRATION OPENED December 1st and CLOSES January 15, 2016. Read Around the Planet takes place February 22nd - March 4th, 2016.


Polycom Special Event registration for January-May events OPENED Dec. 1. Check out all the programs here - http://polycomspecialevents.pbworks.com/w/page/17626380/FrontPage  Don't wait to register – there are still available sessions but spots are limited! You must be connected to Polycom equipment.

Another successful year in the books for Polycom Special Events!!

Keep checking for more opportunities to support curriculum in your classroom!!


Wishing you a HAPPY HOLIDAY season from the Polycom Education Team - Elaine Shuck and Sue Porter!!!




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