By the year 2050, approximately 70 percent of the planet’s human population will be living in cities. That is an astounding figure, and it’s now up to city and government leaders to properly equip our cities to not only efficiently manage the massive influx of inhabitants, but to simultaneously usher in a new era of innovation and prosperity.


There are challenges, of course, not the least of which being tightening budgets and having to work with fewer resources. We’ve heard the term “do more with less” numerous times, but city leaders now need to “do new with less.”


Cities need to become more modern, safer, healthier, and increasingly educated. They need breakthrough ideas and technologies that easily connect governments, businesses and citizens with efficient and innovative services. They also need to cut costs and address some of today’s biggest challenges, like aging infrastructure, budget reductions, cyber threats, as well as the widespread use of mobile and social services.


Polycom is partnering with Microsoft on their initiative called CityNext, which will help city leaders begin the move to next-generation cities. By adopting comprehensive and complete solutions that include voice, conferencing, and video collaboration, city leaders will allow citizens to become more empowered than ever before.


Services provided will put citizens first and will be designed around their needs in order to serve them more efficiently. Whichever modernization strategy is adopted should also be sustainable for the future, and would allow for easier enhancements over time.

The time has come for leaders to transform their cities into vibrant business and social hubs that can attract the finest worldwide talent and investment, driving the city’s economy while becoming more competitive on a global scale.




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