China Daily.pngThree words: seamless global collaboration. This concept may seem like a luxury for most, but for China Daily the ability to communicate worldwide is a must have. 


China Daily is the national English-language newspaper and is one of the most authoritative newspapers in the country. It serves as a key reference point for overseas media and society. The newspaper has an average daily circulation of more than 800,000 in 150 countries and regions. Two-thirds of China Daily’s readers are government officials, think tanks and decision-makers as well as top executives from multinational corporations. 


“We are a window to introduce China to the world,” explains Gan Yongqing, director of IT at China Daily. 


In order to streamline news to global readers, this group relies heavily on real-time video collaboration. Using Polycom, the company enables anyone with a browser-equipped device to join planning meetings at any time, from any location at the touch of a button. Polycom’s solution has boosted productivity in the workplace by allowing employees to easily exchange breaking news and share and edit content.


China Daily uses Polycom collaboration as a game-changing tool to dissolve the barriers of time and distance, and to put the newspaper’s content creators at the forefront of timely reporting—understanding, all too well, that this is the workplace today.


See how China Daily collaborates by watching the video below. 


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