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Today, meet Mike Tucker, DE.


Q: What was your career path to Polycom?

Mike: I’ve been at Polycom for 16 years. I was originally hired to be a video compression engineer but after being at Polycom for a few weeks I was asked to be the development manager for the ViaVideo product.  This product was a USB compression camera and a Windows video conferencing application which is the forefather of the current RealPresence Desktop application.  When I was hired, the ViaVideo team was nonexistent so I built the team and led it to design and build the camera and develop the software and release the first version. This all happened in about ten months from when I was hired.


The ViaVideo development was eventually moved to Polycom’s Andover office and at that time I joined the CTO organization. Initially I worked on the first integrations of our video products with Lync. I have done a variety of things with the CTO Group since then, mainly involving projects that require components from multiple development teams and sites. I usually develop the solution architecture on those projects. Currently I am working on our Content solutions.


Q: What are your areas of expertise?

Mike: I have a diverse background; right now I do solutions architecture and services based architecture development. In the past I’ve done a lot of the different technology areas at Polycom; signaling, media technology, security and more.


IMG_0414.JPGQ: What do you credit as the reason for being promoted to DE?

Mike: I was promoted in 2013 and I think it has to do with the fact that I’ve always tried to anticipate where Polycom needs to be going next in technology, and then I attempt to get ahead of the curve by learning new technologies before we need them.  I think I am good at explaining how a new technology fits into a larger context; why we are working on a technology and where it fits into our strategy.


Q: What inspires your work?

Mike: It’s what the customers do with our products; how they utilize our equipment to do interesting and important things.  Several times I have been able to visit State Crisis Centers and to see how Polycom equipment is used in crisis and emergency situations.  I can see that these people really depend on our equipment in these situations.


Q: Tell us about some of the most memorable moments of your career?

Mike: The release of the first Polycom product that I worked on was very memorable (ViaVideo).  It took a lot of hard work and you’re always nervous the first time people start buying and using a new product. After the release we watched the registration & usage database grow online as customers bought and started using the product.  It was exciting to see people start using the product all over the world.


Q: Describe your approach when working with customers, sales people and partners?

Mike: When working with partners and customers it is important to listen first.  I try to gain a full understanding of a problem before starting to suggest solutions.


Q: What do you like to do in your free time?

Mike: I mountain bike quite a bit and I like to take long hiking trips.  Recently I hiked the Tour du Mont Blanc in the Alps with my son for nine days.


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