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More than ever, CIOs and CEOs are reviewing the business and operational returns on the investment made on technology – including positive impacts such as increased productivity and better decision making. Please visit this related blog post to learn more about the return on investment video can bring to your organization.


Polycom commissioned a survey (see the related press release), conducted by analyst firm Quocirca to highlight the role of video and collaboration technology in the workplace of the future.


The challenge most companies face is: How do you get there? The reluctance to use video technology can stem from many factors - perception of cost and complexity or social and cultural reasons. So, what should executives be thinking about to dispel those perceptions and realize the value of video collaboration technology?


In this blog, we examine the key elements to consider in creating a video culture:


Return on investment greater than cost savings

Survey results show companies found cost savings to be one of the top benefits – but it’s not the only benefit. Video is driving greater collaboration across offices globally. And that’s leading to enhanced productivity and better team work. These in turn are leading to faster company decisions and improved results.


Consider what business application video will be used for. Setting goals and measures of progress in efficiency, productivity and cost cutting can enable your team to see the true value of video collaboration. 


Video for All!

Video doesn’t play favorites and neither should your organization. Why should senior management have all the fun? Our recent survey found digital natives are more comfortable in using video technology. However, globally, mostly executives are provided access to video than junior staff. For true video culture to thrive and evolve, all employees should have easy access to video.  Want proof? One of every two people surveyed suggested that having access to video would increase its use.


Anytime, anywhere culture

Today’s business world is shifting and the traditional 9 to 5 workdays are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. We live in an always connected world. Location now means little-businesses are also looking to offer flexible work hours and work environments. More than 80 percent surveyed indicated video is offering that flexibility, including a better work/life balance.


Video is easier than you think

Video collaboration should be easy. When it comes to video, ease of use – or in other words, the amount of IT or other help needed to get started – can help make the difference on adoption. And, it’s much easier than most people believe. In fact, 80 percent of respondents we surveyed suggested it was easier than they anticipated.


Video externally too

When considering a video culture, it’s important to keep in mind video can be used to connect and collaborate both internally and externally. Many organizations now are turning to video meetings with their eco-system of customer, partner and suppliers. And, this does not have to be business to business, as companies are now starting to conduct interviews and recruitment of talent via video.


Make it natural

Phone and email continues to be prevalent means of collaboration and communication.  By 2016, video is expected to be the most prevalent means of communication and collaboration.  Video is the future of the workplace and is coming at a rapid pace. Today’s work environment and norms are very different with more emphasis on open and collaborative approach, and removing barriers associated with time and distance. 


Working in a video culture, it’s often more difficult for me to have meetings that are now audio only. 


Change and transition can be difficult, but once you start down the path of video meetings, the convenience, ease and efficiency soon makes it more natural and comfortable.


What do you like most about video? Is it driving collaboration where you are?


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