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Where is the flying car? Marty McFly promised flying cars in 1989 when he traveled to the future of our present day.  Unfortunately, Back to the Future II was not an accurate prediction of today, filled with leashes that walked your dog for you and invisible ties.  However, it is surprising to think of some of the predictions that did come true although not necessarily in the way they portrayed it in the movie.  Smart home technology is continuing to grow. My home thermostat is controlled by technology that adjusts to how I live but also connects to my washing machine, lights and sprinkler system so tasks are automated providing me more time to do things I enjoy. Although our video phones are not around our neck, we keep smartphones in our pocket. Marty McFly may regret video technology after getting fired and receiving multiple faxes reinforcing the decision. Fax machines are not as popular but video conference is an expected form of communication in organizations.


I don't think it's a coincidence that Polycom announced groundbreaking new technology a few days ago in the videoconference space to propel organizations further into the future. 









RealPresence Centro is disrupting how people meet and collaborate at work by putting people at the center of collaboration.  The future of collaboration has arrived.












RealPresence Trio is a smart hub for small meeting rooms. Not just a conference phone, you can see and share reactions simply. Marty McFly would be impressed by the futuristic design since those inside-out trousers he predicted never came true.






Medialign dual screen and 2 cameras-small.jpg



Marty McFly saw a flat screen television, which is similar to the slim, modern design of the RealPresence Medialign. It’s time to bring your meetings into the future with hands-free camera technology so users have more time to collaborate, not worry about technology.












RealPresence Debut drives smaller organizations into the future with high quality video conferencing in a futuristic, all-in-one design. Stop living in the past with consumer grade video technology.







If you were Marty McFly, what would your predictions be for October 21, 2041? Flying cars and self-walking dog leashes, or holographic images and consumer space travel?


The opportunities are endless.


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