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Today marks the 22nd anniversary of Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day. The New York and Andover Polycom offices joined in on this celebration by offering a jammed packed day of video connections including Ben Newsome, Fizzics Education, a scientist and native Australian about life down under. Sue Stauffacher, author of Tillie the Terrible Swede and, Sheryl Sotelo an award-winning teacher who taught elementary and middle school for 31 years.


A picture is worth a 1000 words:


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During our connection Ben talked about Australia’s Heads of State and relationship to England, money, geography, culture, Indigenous history, time zones and much more.


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It's spring and time to get your bicycles out and read the story of Tillie, a female bicycle racer in the 1890's. Discover how this woman, a sewing needle and a bicycle changed history. Here's what Publisher's Weekly said about this book - "Reaching back more than a century, Stauffacher and McMenemy resurrect the story of pioneering woman cyclist Tillie Anderson--and make Lance Armstrong feel like yesterday's news. Racing in a self-created aerodynamic outfit (hence the needle reference in the title), Anderson both scandalized and thrilled 1890s America as she shattered records for speed and endurance, leaving competitors and conventional wisdom in the dust."



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The kids made squishy circuits today, check out the Ted Talks video to learn how!!













Did your kids participate in this celebration? If so, please share what they did in the comment section below.


A special shout out to THE CHARIOT GROUP in Anchorage, AK for letting us use their office to host our STEM activity. 




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