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We live in the most interconnected time in human history. With the right tools it is possible to bring the office anywhere and still meet face to face with any client or colleague. Among other things, this is an incredible time saver.


With projects involving multiple stakeholders and deadlines, a consultant’s time is split between working with the clients project team, talking to subject matter experts, developing reports, preparing presentations, attending internal meetings within the firm, and ensuring that his or her personal competence development and training goals are met – and often above all else, managing travel demands.


Today a consultant can collaborate with the client project team anytime, anywhere.

Interactive client project meetings can now happen on or offsite, thanks to high quality enterprise graded video conferencing supported by annotation and content sharing tools, all directly from a browser (system compatibility issues avoided).


Polycom RealPresence Web Suite: Interactive meetings straight from your browser


Polycom RealPresence Web Suite reduces travel time and increases speed of decision making by offering collaboration in every way. Along with video conferencing, users can share ideas, suggestions and updates on documents, excel sheets and presentations in an instant, instead of waiting for documents to come across email for feedback or comments.


Clients can use collaboration technology for access to experts and senior management

Often the consultant and client need access to experts and senior management from within the consultancy. Coordinating schedules and travel for busy experts and clients is often a tedious task that may have an impact on project timelines and the client relationship. Video collaboration can shorten the time for important updates and decisions.  In addition, an expert can record customized presentations that can be viewed when the schedule permits.  


For senior management, video can be used to much more easily interact with important clients on a regular basis for executive decisions and customer relationships.


Consultants can stay connected with the team

According to a Polycom and Wainhouse Research Report, “The Real Benefits of Video,” video helps remote workers feel more connected to their colleagues. Consultants who are often offsite with a client still need to feel that they are a part of a team. Internal meetings, getting help from colleagues or meeting the manager can all happen via video conferencing.


Competence development for consultants

Career development and training are important in any role and especially in roles where one is remunerated with the expectation of having a deeper level of expertise. Polycom RealPresence Media Suite allows training for multiple remote consultants without bringing them back from the field to the corporate training classroom more quickly and at a lower cost. Remote training can also help employee retention, as training increases loyalty and improves job performance. Career development planning with managers and meetings with mentors can also become an easy-to-schedule occurrence.



Whether used for remote meetings, training, collaboration or more, video communication has the potential to be the biggest time saver of our generation. From reducing travel to increasing access to the right people at the right time (in real time or in replay), video is a game changer, ready to be used by any organization looking to increase efficiency and save time.


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