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11:58 AM - Palms sweaty, heart pumping through my chest. My colleague and I wait outside a conference room that I’ve booked for my 12:00 meeting.  Anxiety grows as thoughts swirl in my head, “Why don’t they end their video conference meeting already?” I tap my pen impatiently against my laptop. 


12:00 PM – The doors open, the previous occupants exit the room and my colleague and I rush inside.  I approach the archaic video room control console that looks like you should be able to move it around the room, but the glaring “DO NOT REMOVE from cradle” sign suggests otherwise.  I immediately remember the meeting where the control was knocked off the cradle during the quarterly finance review.  The entire system went down.  It was a dark day. 


I dial the video meeting number and our colleagues at headquarters appear on screen.  We exchange pleasantries and I take my seat at the end of the table near the control console.  I fumble with the cradled technology to change the camera view so that our colleagues at headquarters can see us.  Too close, now you can only see Bob.  Too far and you can’t see us again.  Whatever, it isn’t worth the stress.  It’s lunchtime so Bob opens a bag of chips and we hear, “If you aren’t presenting, can you please place yourself on mute?”  He turns beet red as we try as discreetly as possible to mute the system. I kept telling myself there had to be a better way to work with my colleagues without this stress. 


Finally, the solution to those problems has arrived.                                                                                                      

medialign pic.jpgRealPresence Medialign is an all-in-one, powerful video collaboration center with an unmatched user experience that easily integrates into your current network. 


What does that mean?  Well, from a user perspective, it means stress-free meetings.  Good-bye archaic technology that can’t be removed from the cradle.  Hello RealPresence Touch interface.  One click and I can join a meeting.  Yes, it’s that easy.  Polycom’s reliable and powerful RealPresence Group 500 allows me to walk in and work without breaking into a sweat.  I can share and annotate content in HD so I interact closer with my colleagues even though they are thousands of miles away. 


My favorite part of this product is EagleEye Producer which is standard on all packages except the dual 70” packages which includes EagleEye Director. If you haven’t heard of these products, you should click the links in the previous sentence to visit the website and watch the related demo videos. 


Seriously, this technology is simple, yet game changing for video collaboration.  I no longer have to fumble with a remote because the camera recognizes faces and automatically frames them in high definition.  I don’t have to do anything but sit there and it will provide my colleagues with the best possible view, unless I’m having a bad hair day, but no technology can help that!  It also provides powerful data analytics to track how many users are in each meeting for better resource management. 


Lunchtime meetings are no longer a problem. Bob can eat without interrupting everyone, because NoiseBlock removes non-human sounds for fewer distractions during the meetingEat on Bob, eat on. 


From an IT perspective, it means simple deployment with one SKU ordering for a more consistent look and feel throughout the organization.  This helps increase user adoption, streamline maintenance and training.  Plus, RealPresence Medialign seamlessly integrates into the broadest array of networks so you can add the industry’s best all-in-one video collaboration solution on any network. 


RealPresence Medialign is ideal for medium to large conference rooms with single and dual 55” or 70” LED display packages available.  These thin systems fit easily into most rooms with no-tools required for install; with patented screws, installation is incredibly simple. It’s time to expand video into more rooms throughout the organization. Imagine this: no more anxiously waiting for a team to leave the only video conference room in the office because, at last, there will be enough video solutions to meet the office demands.  


RealPresence Medialign provides everything you need to deploy video communications today and make your users happy with intuitive technology. 

Medialign dual screen and 2 cameras-small.jpg


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