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Appy Hour.pngThis week’s Polycom Special Event was a professional development session focused on “apps” used in the classroom. With nearly a million available out there, which ones should you choose? Normally, when we provide a teacher training we do most of the talking, but this time audience participation was not only encouraged, but expected. Each of the sites (PA, NY, SD, MT, and ND) had an opportunity to share a few “apps”.  Sue and I were ready to wow our participants  - but I must say we were blown away by the cool “apps” shared during our session.  I might even say we were “schooled” with the caliber of apps educators are using in the classroom today.  These Polycom’s trainers both agreed - what a landmine of information we were exposed to today – we need to do this more often.  Maybe we should have a special event for Polycom employee’s to find out what apps we should be using in the corporate world. 


Maybe you will be wowed too!!!!


Here were a few of the million apps we shared today:






On a side note, last week my computer was updated with Outlook 2013. I’m a big user of Evernote, but since Polycom uses Outlook I would like to start using OneNote. Who wants to transfer my years of research to OneDrive.  I mentioned this in our session and one of our participants said this could be accomplished using CloudHQ. The verdict is still out if this is really possible!!!


Do you have a favorite “app” you would like to share??


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