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Kenai Central High School in Alaska is offering a new class this year with a certification attached. The class, Youth Talk/Video Conferencing Coordinator Certification, has two components:


  • Students explore world issues, problem-solve solutions and dialogue with students from around the world on current topics. This will include a series of 4 video conferences throughout the semester with a partner school somewhere in the Middle East or North Africa, and will include other special event video conferences.
  • The second component focuses on getting certified as a video conferencing coordinator. This certificate will be the first of its kind that will allow students the skills needed in the work place or for their continuing education.

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As part of the certification students are required to connect to experts in the field of education, government and healthcare. Today they connected to Polycom’s industry experts, Alphonzo Albright, Elaine Shuck and Ron Emerson

The students prepared great questions:


  • Why did you choose Polycom in government?
  • Why didn’t you pursue a career in professional sports?
  • What suggestions would you give to someone pursuing a career in healthcare?
  • What is your favorite country you have visited while working at Polycom?
  • Who do you work closely with at Polycom?

Here were some questions industry experts asked the students:


Q: Alphonzo: Why do you think mobility is important in government?

A: It is important to have this type of technology to be relevant with this generation and their use of the many devices available.


Q: Ron: How many of you would visit a doctor using video conferencing?

A: An overwhelming amount of students raised their hands.


Q: Elaine: If you could create a technology, what would it be, and what functions would you want it to have?


Stay-tuned for their response to this question.


I should mention last week these same kids interviewed our very own George Lillig, Regional Director for Gov't, Education and Healthcare Sales-West. 


Here is a sampling of topics covered:


  • Who is Polycom
  • Economics of video – how video helps solve for access to scarce resources

               Equity in education

               Access to healthcare

               Efficiency in government

               Improved decision making in business


  •  What is it like to be in sales? 
  •  What is it like being an expert at something?
  •  What was your career path and what would you do differently knowing what you now know?

On a funny note they wanted to know how fast George could run the 800M when he was in high school.  They also shared

how they were headed out on a 3 hr bus ride plus a 22 hour ferry ride to play a football game.  George said these are some tough kids.  Click here to read all about it.  

The on-demand webcast about Polycom's new breakthrough solutions is available for replay. Watch it now.

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