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6-10-2014 3-53-19 PM.pngFrom the factory, Polycom system remote controls are set to Channel ID 3.   These devices are all "line of sight" infrared (IR) remote controls  They can be changed to a unique Channel ID in case you have mutliple remote controls in one room or are getting "IR bleed" between rooms or devices. 



Before starting, please note: 

  • If the remote control is set to channel 3, it will control a Polycom system set to any Channel ID.
  • The Polycom Touch Control virtual remote control is always set to channel 3.  If you're using it, it automatically disables the IR remote.  Smart Pairing does NOT have any affect on the IR remote settings.  Using a virtual remote control application like VTC-Remote does not have any affect on the IR remote settings.
  • The Power button works on each HDX system within the range of the remote control, regardless of the Channel ID settings.
  • If you're using the remote control (and not the web UI) to change the Channel ID, it's easier to set the channel on the endpoint first and then change it on the remote control .
  • Unless you're in the process of changing the Channel IDs, the first thing to check when the remote control isn't working are the batteries.  Either recharge or replace them, depending on your type of remote control. 



The two most current types of remote controls are the HDX (left ) and Group Series (right).  Instructions for configuring them vary. 

hdx group remotes.png



To set the channel on a Polycom HDX remote, use one the the two procedures below:  

On a Polycom HDX, from the remote control using the on screen menus, choose:

System>Admin Settings>General Settings>System Settings>Remote Control/Keypad>Channel ID {0..15, default = 3}


On a Polycom HDX from the web UI, choose: 

Admin Setting>General Settings>System Settings> and scroll down to the Channel ID {0..15, default = 3}


6-10-2014 2-14-35 PM.png



After setting the channel on the endpoint, you must also use the procedure below to set the channel ID on the actual remote control too.  (From Chapter 10 of the Administrator’s Guide for Polycom HDX Systems). 

6-10-2014 2-28-45 PM.png


Note that the channel you select will be displayed in the remote control LCD window. 


Once complete, test your remote control.




Alternately, To set the channel on a Polycom Group Series,  the configuration must be done through the web UI.  Browse to the IP address of the Group Series.   Choose 

Admin Settings > General Settings > System Settings > Remote Control, Keypad, and Power> and set the Channel ID {0..15, default = 3}.


 6-10-2014 2-15-33 PM.png


After setting the channel on the endpoint, you must also use the procedure below to set the Channel ID on the actual remote control.  (From Chapter 9 of the Administrator’s Guide for the Polycom RealPresence Group Series). 

6-10-2014 3-04-16 PM.png


 Once complete, test your remote control.




If your remote control doesn't seem to be responding after changing channels, press and hold the power button for 2 seconds (HDX) or press and hold the hangup button for 10 seconds (Group Series).  These should respond regardless of channels.  If they do respond, then either the remote control or endpoint are misconfigured.  To recover, set the remote control to Channel ID 3. 


If connected, a Polycom Touch Control disables the IR control of its endpoint. 

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